Where are you from?

I’m a first generation, Nigerian-American born and raised in Kansas City, MO!

Where do you go to school?

I graduated from Pomona College (Claremont, CA) in 2018 and now attend Cornell University as a PhD student.

What’s the focus of your PhD?

My degree program is in Computer Science, but the focus of my research to understand how frontline healthcare workers in low-resource regions perceive and value artificial intelligence (AI). I also examine FATE (fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics) in AI-enabled technologies deployed throughout the Global South, with a focus on healthcare.

Why did you decide to enroll in a PhD program?

Even though I could’ve got a 6-figure job after undergrad, I always knew that graduate school was something I was going to pursue. I love to conduct research but wanted to gain expertise in a specific topic at the intersection of computer science, global health, and African development. From this, I would use my research to have a greater impact in my motherland and the best way for me to pursue my dream was to go on the PhD route.

How do I get accepted to PhD programs?

There are a lot of answers for this, but I recommend doing a lot of research online to figure out what programs may be best for you and to utilize the career development office at your respective university. Reaching out to current grad students (like me!) and faculty is always a good idea too.

How do you balance everything?

Google Calendar is my best friend! I also utilize Apple’s Notes and Reminders app extensively to manage all of my commitments. As a graduate student who is extremely involved, it is a bit hard to balance my life but I make sure to prioritize things, people, and hobbies that are important to me. 

How can I get in contact with you?

I receive general and sponsorship inquiries at my blogging email. For professional networking, feel free to check out my academic website or connect with me on LinkedIn!

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